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What do you get when one driven young-at-heart older guy finds three or more young -at-heart fantastic older musicians to play good music together?


Soul Stingers.


It’s not a show. They do what Mark calls a “set”.  There are no dancers and nobody is trying to look good out front but there is an authentic and unique approach and sound to the set. Folk rock add a little finesse and groove.

They sit down in intimate settings nestling in corners for wineries, restaurants, private events and can cover a lot of ground.

Mark David Soul Stinger
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Todd Richmond
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Bill Flores
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Martin Young
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Soul Stingers have been appearing as trio or quartet in nearing a couple hundred dates and in addition to a few originals, perform renditions from an extensive list of classic music artists songs. 


You can hear a sample here at our radio player. And you can click on images to read a bit of information on the players.

Gary Wicks
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Michael Rosen
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Jeff Gross
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Austin Beede
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Since 2015, the founder, Mark David, has been hustling up solo gigs and began to branch out by 2020, adding a man a year until now in 2023 you will hear Mark with Todd, Bill, and Martin on upcoming dates. Gary, Jeff, Austin and Michael will be rotating in as well. 


Mark has originally reached out to these guys to record original songs since coming to California, so there is an evolving recording collection of songs being produced and released digitally. You will hear some of Mark’s original tunes sprinkled into the live sets as well.

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