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What do you get when one driven, young-at-heart, older singer songwriter guy, finds three or more young -at-heart, good people and great musicians to create and play some music together?


Soul Stingers. 

Soul Stingers have been appearing as duo, then trio or quartet in nearing a couple hundred dates in its evolution since 2020, and in addition to a few originals, perform renditions from an extensive list of classic music artists songs. 


It’s not a show really. They do what Mark calls a “set”.  There are no dancers and nobody's out front shaking' it up, but there is an authentic and unique approach and sound to the material and presentation. Sort of folk rock add a little foot thump, sliding, finesse and groove.


They sit down in intimate settings nestling tightly in corners for wineries, restaurants, private events and can cover a lot of ground.

"I'm grateful to have the confidence of these musicians joining with me. Having performed in the past as a solo, it sure has been great to build out steps to a band. Mike on harmonica, Todd on bass, and now adding Bill and Martin. It feels like juggling plates when you start involving other peoples lives into yours, but the creation of great times playing live music, with other humans, for other humans, can be as gratifying as life gets ...especially if you're stinging some souls along the way. ~ Mark David 

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