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In addition to the team jerseys, I located Tendo Gloria, a talent who could join us in a re-recording of the theme song I created in 1985, that ran on his show several years of his 35-40 years. She also joins us as feature and harmony singer.

My father was semi pro ball player turned outdoor sports producer host for ESPN. He always wanted me to play ball. And though I was good at it, I always had it in me to create music. Though we worked together many years, and had a tough time understanding each others evolution, I love him and what Ive learned from him and applied to my craft. He has passed couple years back now, and as I work through that, this year I wanted to make a statement of fun to him with my tribe of music friends, in his honor. He's laughing now! ~ Mark David

Soul Stingers Quartet.jpeg
Make A MemorySoul Stingers featuring Tendo Gloria
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Thanks to everyone who helped organize and/or perform with the Soul Stingers this year. I know we made a memory in his honor. 

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